Ask me anything   I'm a male 22 year old Illustration student, from Rotherham, South Yorkshire.

Close ups of a single moulted tail feather from a Ara ararauna (Blue & Gold Macaw).

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wellarmedvermonter asked: Hi, I think your work is great. The illustration of the Leica rangefinder really caught my eye. I grew up shooting Leica, and my father is collector of R series bodies, lenses, and accessories. His R6.2 body is his pride and joy, so just hinting here... If you were ever to do an illustration of one in a similar fashion to rangefinder, I'd be interested in purchasing a print as a gift. Just curious, were are you based out of?



Thank you! It means a lot. It was a uni project, and i’m currently working on another uni project over the summer so another camera would certainly take while. I am definitely looking to do another though shortly after. They’re beautiful and perfect for my field of illustration. Just checked out the R6.2 and I would love it to be the next camera I do, maybe with a cutaway or ghosting. When I get round to starting it i’ll show you the progress so you can let me know what you think. I’m based in Sheffield, England.



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